Sunday, July 26, 2015

Moshi - Sip, Dip, Roll

Moshi Moshi, stands for Hello/Hi in Japanese 

And this restaurant definitely is as welcoming as the name suggests.

Moshi is a tiny little restaurant located in Al Barsha 1, right opposite Citymax Hotel. But like they say, size doesn’t matter, quality does. Moshi is a place you simply don’t want to miss out on. 

I started off by having a lemon-mint drink which came in a mason-mug came along with a chalk which can be used to write your initials on the mug. The drink was extremely refreshing & is feels like a breath of fresh air in this scorching heat.

What we ordered?

Oman Chips Maki Roll: I was sold just by the concept of bringing in Oman chips with Sushi & was impatient to try this out. The roll comprises of cream cheese and Oman chips. Dishes like these makes you believe in wonders ;) Much-much recommended!

Moving on to the Chicken Teriyaki Maki Roll which was stuffed with boneless chicken cooked in a mildly spicy teriyaki sauce, vinegar and soy sauce. It tasted great with the Wasabi sauce accompanying it. 

Chicken Noodles I honestly felt like I was back in Bombay having proper Desi Chinese on having these noodles. These are far from being authentic, however if you’re the kinds who has lived in India and relished on a lot of Desi-Chinese food, you’ll love this. 

Cheese Chicken Momos Unfortunately I didn’t get to click a picture of these momos (my friends can get a little non-adjusting sometimes, sigh!) but well, the Momos literally melted in my mouth, the stuffed minced chicken with the hint of cheese was perfect. I wouldn’t say these are the best momos I’ve ever had, but it was good nonetheless. 

Peanut Butter Bar I absolutely love Peanut-Butter and was thrilled when the server gave this to us complimentary (who doesn’t love freebies?) This tasted quite similar to the Reeses peanut butter cups, but surprisingly it wasn’t too heavy, infact, it was rather light and was the perfect end to the perfect meal. 

Image Courtesy -moshiuae

Price? It’s pricing is a major plus point, Moshi is extremely reasonable, any dish here would cost you about AED 16 – 25

Ambiance? Moshi has an extremely cozy and warm feel to it. Loved the quirky orange artefacts that were displayed at Moshe and the orange cutlery we were served in.   

Staff? Extremely friendly and well informed.  

Their menu?  

P.S. As you can tell from their menu, they definitely don't discriminate against Vegetarians.

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