Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Hola Amigos!

Amigos! So around few days back I read a post on twitter about a new Mexican restaurant opening up at Versova and was thrilled and couldn't wait to try it out and managed to visit the place one week after its opening.

We went there around 7ish so none of us were really hungry, so we decided to go with a light meal and called for a Braised Chicken Quesadilla and Chile Re-lino - Spiced Chicken which came along with Lime Cilantro rice and French fries.

First came in the Chicken Quesadillas which looked and tasted nothing more than Parotha with stuffed minced chicken and the white sauce that came along complimented it well by tasting like Dahi. In short a complete disaster.

                                        This is not the actual picture, but this is something 
                                                               what is  looked like. 

And then came in the Chile Re-lino - Spiced Chicken with the Lime Cilantro rice and french fries. The only thing that actually did stand out were the french fries, which were crispy and Masala-e-Daar as we Indians would like it, but of course there was nothing Mexican about it.The spiced chicken had barely any chicken honestly and it was honestly a pain to even eat it. And as far as the Lime Cilantro rice is concerned, very average. Well so we were glad that we restricted our order.

                                       Chile Re-lino - Spiced Chicken with Lime Cilantro-rice
                                                                  and French Fries

Talking about the ambiance, its hard to decide if it looks more like a Goa shack or a Diwali party (thanks to the over dosage of Diwali lights)The music also wasn't good. So it does not really give you a fine dining experience.

The service however was rather good, the waiters were friendly and alert. But again maybe that's because the place was empty.

Our total bill for the two came to Rs. 650 with tax. I would rather spend that much and have a good Mexican meal at Sammy Sosa instead and would recommend you to do the same.

The bar rates are decent for a dine in place and on the same lines as their competitor next door, WTF.

I would rate this place a 1/5

Contact Number -  022 42669249 
Location - Jewel mahal Shopping Centre, Near Nana Nani Park, JP Road, Versova, Mumbai 

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Hello There.

Hey Guys! I'm a terrible person for being away for so long from the blog that I love so much. I honestly have no excuses of being busy because I very frankly was doing nothing but being lazy which is why I was missing for this long.

I have a few half done reviews which somehow I don’t feel like posting now because the content has lost its charm. One of them was Starbucks, which then was the new thing in town.  Just to give you a quick feedback about the place,  I did not fancy the food too much, they had gone over board with the indianisation of it. Though the White Chocolate Mocha was absolutely brilliant. It’s priced sensibly, the staff seemed quite confused since I visited the place on the very 2nd day that it opened up at Oberoi Mall, but hopefully that has changed now. Do let me know what you guys thought about it btw.

Also right after that I visited Abu Dhabi where I went ga-ga over the food as usual, I almost had everything that I had recommended on my Abu Dhabi post. Though my pick for this trip would be Cho Gao which is located at Crowne Plaza.  They serve brilliant Chinese/ Thai food.

I also want to talk about a not so popular place called ‘The Bubblegum Route’ – Andheri , that I went to right after my trip to catch up with a few friends over a glass of beer. They have happy hours on till 8 pm which they extend to about 8.30 ish :D I had no plans of dining there but got a little hungry so called for the Thai Green Chicken + Rice here and was shocked to see how less the quantity was, which led me to almost scream at the waiter to call for the manager, now I was all set to argue with him but before I could say anything, he said ma’am I will get you more, to which I couldn't say anything :) After about ten minutes he got me exactly double of what was already present  and we finally tried it, I absolutely loved it. Now this isn’t a place you really expect too much out of Thai food, but these guys did a good  job. Also I have heard their No Nonsense Burger is really good. Its priced quite reasonably btw.  Just don’t forget to ask for extra the next time you are there ;)

                                                             Thai Green Chicken

Also lastly a quick mention about Alfredos – Andheri , I used to really like this place until I visited it last week to find a cockroach fall on my hand and a dead fly on the table which totally creep ed me out. This place is a sure no-no from now on. I would also appreciate you commenting about a similar experience you may have had else where :D

I think with that I’m done with my very random post. Just thought of all that I did for the past 2 months and jotted down whatever came to my mind.

P.S I’m thrilled to be back :D