Sunday, July 5, 2015

Iftar At Biryani Pot

Ramadan started about 2 weeks back & since then everyone's been on a look-out for good Iftars in the city, however the issue with iftars is that, they are usually not very reasonable & the best you would get is around AED 75 - AED 80 Per Person. Though thankfully for Biryani Pot, you can actually step out with your family or group of friends and have a wonderful Iftar for only 180 AED (Total) which is suitable for about 4 - 5 people. 

Firstly I personally think, Biryani and Kebabs are perhaps the most suitable Iftar meal & which is why I would recommend Biryani Pot as they master at both.
The Iftar package though includes two biryani’s, Two items from the Grills, one starter, four naans (Plain or Butter), one chicken gravy, one lamb gravy & daal.
Post ordering your meal, you are offered complimentary Dates and Tang & don't judge me, but Tang had never tasted so good, I do realize there is nothing to tang other than powder & water, but trust me, it’s an art to make the perfect Tang. 
Moving on to the food we ordered,

For our starters, we ordered for the Roasted Lamb Samosa which was graciously stuffed with lamb and peas. The outer crust was crispy and the stuffing of the minced meat was well cooked. 

From the grills, we opted for the Mutton Seekh Kebab and the Chicken Seekh Kabab, both were extremely juicy and succulent & don't forget to dip the Seekh in their tamarind chutney; it shall give you double the happiness & double the pleasure ;)

As far as the Biryani was concerned, it was served fresh & hot in a clay pot (wow I like how that rhymes) I managed to try out both, the lamb and the chicken biryani & while both the Biryanis were very well cooked, surprisingly the chicken biryani stood out a little more, reason being, the chicken was so tender, that it almost confused us to believe that it could probably have been fish (just kidding) it was chicken, mouth-watering tender CHICKEN! Also for the health cautious folks, they have something called the Quinoia Biryani, which is an organic gluten & cholesterol free biryani, with the highest protein levels. Yes, this is the first time I’ve come across a HEALTHY biryani too.

Coming to the main gravy dishes, the Chicken Tikka Masala was a thick tomato onion gravy with pan seared roasted chicken. Even though this tasted more like Kadhai Chicken & less like Chicken Tikka Masala, it was good nonetheless.

The Lamb Rogan Josh had a very home-style feel to it, which was good, however I wish it was slightly spicier. 

Me having the Daal Makhni, inspite of so much non-vegetarian food being on the table, speaks a lot. The slow cooked black lentils in butter & cream was very well made & we honestly were considering calling in for some steamed rice to enjoy the Daal all the more, but we obviously didn’t do that because our biryani was staring at us furiously. 

Ambiance: Even though Galleria in Abu Dhabi (The branch I visited) is located in a mall food-court setup, it doesn't feel like it. Because there is a small separation from the other restaurants & rest assured, the crowd at Galleria is always right out of a fashion magazine, so there’s no reason to complain ;)

Unfortunately that day, Galleria Mall had their test fire alarm ringing continuously, which was slightly scary, but I shall ignore that & let it pass.

Staff: Well technically it's a food court, so they obviously follow the self-service pattern, however the staff was kind enough to bring the water we ordered mid-meal to our table, as they didn't want to disturb us while we were eating. 

Overall we had a great time at Biryani Pot & would definitely recommend each one of you to visit the place. However having said that, I don't think it would be wise for a Vegetarian to have their Iftar here, because there is very limited option to choose from. 

Location : Abu Dhabi Dubai

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