Monday, July 7, 2014

And I'm back!

You know I remember how when I was in school and was forced to study, my brains would automatically round up the time that I need to start studying and refuse to start around 10.38 or a 10.21 for example, it would by default mean that I either start studying at 11 or 10.30.

Similarly, I've been wanting to get back to my blog for the longest time, but always thought it would make more sense starting on the 1st of the month and then being regular, but clearly that did not seem to happen for about 6 months, but NOW that half the year is over and there are only 6 more months left, I thought it would only make sense to start blogging from this very day.

I've been eating out quite a bit lately, infact it's quite exciting because I've finally starting exploring places in Dubai, and I've just one word for the restaurant market of Dubai, WOW! I've got my hands on some of the best food there and can't wait to share that with you.

This post does not really have any review as such,but don't worry I shall punch myself if I don't continue to be regular now onwards. So it would be safe for you to consider this as my welcome back speech.

Also Ramadan Kareem to everybody who is fasting and I'm super excited about trying out the Iftars this season. If you have any recommendations about places I should try out this Iftar, do drop in
a message in the comments box.

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