Sunday, October 14, 2012

Cuppa Joe

Hey guys, how u all doing? I'm doing great and not been dining at to many places lately for 2 reasons. 1 being that am experimenting with food at home (thanks to my new cook) and 2 that am pretty broke (thanks to excessive shopping) but Cuppa Joe is a place whose menu I have been eyeing on Zomato for a while now and had been wanting to visit the place since really long.

So finally I decided to visit the place and before I could even get there I knew what I wanted to order, since I had already spent ample time looking at the menu over the net.

I called for a Butter Beer, Grilled Chicken and Ham Sandwich and an Ultimate Red Velvet. While my friend ordered for a Mocha Flavored Snow Frappe and a Dijon Mustard Chicken Panini.

To start with the Butter beer, now this was something I was perhaps the most excited for, had read way too many nice things about the drink so was thrilled to try it. It’s basically a soda based drink with a special syrup as they would like to call it which tastes something like a mixture of vanilla/caramel. Now honestly appearance wise it looked more like Ganne ka juice (sugar cane) than Beer but I ignored that and finally tried it and somehow did not fancy it much, as in it was good but over hyped! This was priced at Rs.130. Definitely not worth it.

Moving on to the chicken ham sandwich, this was brilliant. I asked the guy to remove the tomatoes from the sandwich however. It has mustard and mayo in it which did fit in well with the chicken and ham. This was priced for Rs. 120 which is quite good for a sandwich.

And then came the scrumptious red velvet cake and I know why it’s called ULTIMATE Red Velvet, it’s truly out of this world. I don't have words to express how brilliant this was. You have to visit Cuppa Joe for this. Also it is priced only at Rs.150. Totally worth it.

Oh and they also have Red Velvet Frozen Yogurt that I asked for a trial and it was quite decent.

I also managed to try the Mocha Based Snow Frappe which was really good. Wasn't too sweet  nor was it too rich in coffee so it worked well with me. They also have a Bubblegum Flavor Snow Frappe which sounds exciting and hopefully I get to try it soon.

I also tried the Dijon Mustard Chicken Panini which I liked quite a bit. Definitely not the best I’ve had but good for a quick bite.

The ambiance however is where this place falls short; they should make it a little more colorful. I love the colour scheme (pink & orange) they have in their logo and think they should experiment with these two colours for their interiors.

Overall food wise, I would say not bad at all. Would rate it a 3.5/5 and increase a .5 more for that amazing red velvet cake and make it a 4/5 :D

Lastly this place also gets plus points for being so active and interactive on social media.

Follow them on twitter here -

P.S My phone memory card got formatted and am not able to upload photos that I clicked but tried looking up the net for whatever photos I could find. Sorry guys :( 

Phone number - 022 26494040

Location - Off Carter Road, Next to Yogurtbay, Bandra West, Mumbai