Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Malaga Shisha Lounge - Jannah Burj Al Sarab

So 1 of my favourite things to do is reading about new restaurants/hotels that have opened up. Thanks to the awesome list by Zomato I discovered Malaga Shisha Lounge which is located in Jannah Burj Al Sarab - Tourist Club Area 

It's funny that I didn't know about this place before reading up on it in-spite of staying right opposite to Jannah Burj Al Sarab, yes its Burj Al Arab with a S. 

So I usually try out multiple dishes at restaurants and only then really write a detailed review on it, however, this time I just tried out the Margharita Pizza and Mint Sheesha yet found the need to share my experience with you.

What I ordered? 

Margharita Pizza - I declare this as the official 'The Anorexic Hog' pizza, reason being, it was extremely skinny, light & yet so full of flavor (Just the way The Anorexic Hog likes her pizza) the dough used in the pizza preparation was fresh though I really wish they had added a little more cheese to the pizza.

Mint Shisha - Couldn't possibly complain about the Mint Shisha. It was smooth & unlike most other places in town, the coal-guy makes it a point to come to your table every few minutes to check on the coal #win

Pricing - The pizza was priced at AED 40 and the shisha for AED 52. Absolutely worth it. 

Ambiance - So here's the thing, a lot of people who don't smoke shisha don't like going to cafes that serve shisha because of the excess smoke in the air, but that's not the case with Malaga. It has a very chic coffee shop feel to it. Loved the turquoise and golden interiors and accessories used to decorate Malaga.  

Via Zomato 

Service - We met Balram at Malaga who was a very pleasing person and clearly didn't have the word 'No' in his dictionary, because everything we requested for and asked him for, he readily said yes, why not? (haha) Additionally he also seemed to know a lot about Malagas social media platforms & also encouraged us to visit often and join them on their Social Media pages. Very impressive.

Verdict - I was very happy with my Malaga experience and can totally foresee it being a popular hang-out place among my friends and I. They are also open to one playing cards/board games in there & also have multiple screens where you can catch up on your football game. 

Rating  - I would rate Malaga a 4/5

P.S. They are open during Ramadan, so incase you aren't fasting and looking to spend the afternoon with shisha & food then this could be your go-to place. 

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Moshi - Summer Menu

Summer 2016 is here and the heat can be painful - try out Moshi's summer special to help you ease the pain.

It's been about a month since Moshi unveiled their Summer Menu which is all sorts of awesome.

I finally managed to visit Moshi over the weekend to give their Summer Menu a try & was extremely excited to sip, dip & roll once again. 

My personal favourites being - 

1. Flaming Chicken Cheetos - I don't even know where to start, but let's just say the Flaming Chicken Cheetos at Moshi made me believe in 'Love at first sight' -  I saw it, fell in love, ate it & knew it was 'The One' 

Ok I know I can sound a little dramatic sometimes, but honestly, the flaming chicken cheetos is crunchy, spicy & a mix of all the flavours I love. 

2. Chicken Cheesy Chips Oman  - I have always been a fan of the Cheesy Chips Oman at Moshi & being a hardcore chicken lover, I was thrilled to see a chicken version of the same. It's basically cream cheese, spicy sauce, pink soy paper, crushed cheese oman chips and chicken. I'm warning you, it's addictive. 

3. Dhokla Maki - Looks like the next time our Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi is in town, we know where to get him & what to make him try (He would be so PROUD, lol)

On a serious note though, the Dhokla Maki is slightly sweet & you can actually feel the pinch of hing (Asafoetida) as well. Absolutely recommended for Vegetarians. 

4. Zaatar Lebnah Maki - Now this was truly a surprise, you can truly trust Moshi to experiment with almost anything. Of course the name is self explanatory, give this a try only if you like Zaatar. I do & hence enjoyed it thoroughly. 

5. Sushi Burger - Sushi Burger is increasingly becoming popular in this part of the world. It was the first time I was giving it a try though. The Sushi Burger was basically a crispy chicken patty (Very similar to the patty used in the KFC Chicken Zinger) along with lettuce and creamy sauce that was inside two rice buns. It could be slightly difficult to eat this but it's very interesting & definitely worth a try. 

Additionally don't forget to try out their Strawberry Mojito and Lotus Shake. 

The Strawberry Mojito was served in a cute tiny little electric bulb & was an absolutely fit in their Summer Menu as it was sweet, light & refreshing, everything you want from that perfect Summer drink. 

What I liked about the lotus milkshake was that it was thick and creamy yet not too heavy. Also what's there not to like about a lotus milkshake? Have it, don't think twice. 

Now if the awesome food wasn't enough for you to fall in love with Moshi then their service will definitely do the trick. The Moshi Staff is extremely friendly & Rahul/Khusbhoo (The founders of Moshi) are young, ambitious & supremely creative (The Summer Menu is a living proof)

Congratulations Moshi on opening your second branch within a year, here's too many more (Yes, I'm talking about the Abu Dhabi branch I pestered you guys about, teehhe)

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Budget Iftars in Abu Dhabi - Under AED 100

Ramadan Kareem

The holy month of Ramadan is here and most restaurants in town have their annual tempting Iftar offers, however unfortunately most of them are quite heavy on the pocket because of which you don't exactly get to experiment too much. 

I've compiled a list of few tried & tested restaurants in Abu Dhabi that are having an Iftar & cost less than AED 100 per person. I'm hoping the list helps you out. 

Japanese/Sushi (Mikado Cafe)  

Mikado is offering a special Iftar set menu that includes a variety of sushi, appetizers, a main course and desserts with free flowing beverages and tea. Additionally, dates & fresh fruit platters will be served too. This would cost you about AED 195 for two people. 

Location Al Hana Tower, Al Khalidiya 
Timings Sunset till 12am 
Phone +971 2 667 7557

Pizza/ International (Jazz@PizzaExpress)

An iftar here would cost you about AED 79 per person and the menu comprises of pizza, pasta and desserts that you can choose from. 

Location Floor 5, World Trade Centre Mall, Abu Dhabi  
Timings Sunset to 12am 
Contact +971 2 444 77 52

Indian - When it comes to Indian food, you have quite a few options to choose from. 5 places I would personally suggest are the following – 

1. Peppermill 

Peppermill a great place to experience the spirit of Ramadan. The ambiance is great & so is the food. They are having an Iftar buffet this time at their Wahda Mall branch and an Iftar 5 course set meal at their Eastern Mangroves branch. Both are priced at AED 99 per person.

Location Al Wahda Mall/ Eastern Mangroves
Timings Sunset till 9 pm
Phone +971 2 622 55 86 / +971 2 44 13 582

2. Kwality 

One of the oldest Indian restaurants in town that I can definitely swear by. Priced at just AED 65 per person, your taste buds are definitely in for a treat. 

Location Salam Street, Besides Lulu Centre 
Timings Sunset till 11.30
Phone +971 2 67 27 337

3. Lazeez 

Priced at AED 88 per person, you're in for a treat with a variety of options in salads, starters, main course as well as in desserts. Lazeez definitely is a master when it comes to their kebabs. 

Location Hamdan Street, Besides E-Max
Timings Sunset till 10 pm
Phone +971 2 67 77 070

4. Biryani Pot 

Here what you can get is an Iftar Combo Meal that is priced at AED 49 in which you can get to select a soup or starter, main course, dessert and beverage. I had tried their Iftar last year and it was phenomenal. You can read it here.

Location Galleria Mall, Reem Island (Food court) 
Timings Sunset till 8.30 pm
Phone +971 2 67 66 555

5. India Palace

India Palace has a grand Iftar buffet to offer this Ramadan this year, which is priced at AED 75 per person (adults) and AED 45 (children) This works out to be more economical for a family with kids. 

Location - Salam Street 
Timings Sunset till 9 pm
Phone +971 2 41 82 453

International (Up & Below) 

Now this is a place I would recommend for a group of friends probably who are looking at a nice air conditioned open terrace area set-up which serves Shisha as well. With regard to their food, you can sample delicious sharing platters and tapas style dishes like Tuscan bruchetta, buffalo chicken wings, crispy calamari etc. It's priced at AED 99 per person (Not inclusive of the shisha)

Location - Courtyard by Marriot, WTC, Abu Dhabi
Timings - 8 pm to 2 am 
Phone - +971 2 69 82 222

Lebanese (Zaytinya) 

Zaytinya does their appetizers and grills like no-other Lebanese restaurant in town. I was there recently and had the best time ever. Also you're definitely going to like the ambiance too. Recommended for family gatherings. 

Location - Al Seef Mall 
Timings - Sunset to 8.30 
Phone - +971 2 44 74 489 

Additionally I remember having Chicken Tikka Inn (Airport Road) having a great deal for Iftar, so if you are a fan, then don't forget to give them a try too. 

Let me know if you know of other outlets too, I shall add it to the list

Cheers x

Monday, June 6, 2016

What to eat, drink & do in Patong

Last week I flew down to Phuket with my Mirchi colleagues & had an absolute blast.

Here are few things I suggest to eat, drink and do in Patong

La Siam - If you're looking to eat authentic Thai food, head straight to La Siam at Junceylon Mall. I would personally recommend the Thai green and red curry (don't forget to ask them to make it spicy) along with that treat yourself with the Chicken Satay and Mango Sticky Rice. 

Een Jo Ice-cream - You get to choose between 4 flavors (Vanilla, Yogurt, Chocolate and Coffee) to which you can add toppings as per your liking. I opted for the vanilla ice-cream with nutella and vanilla ice-cream with marshmallows.  

Street-side Pancakes - Walk down the streets of Bangla Road/Patong Beach and you shall definitely find a lot of street vendors serving Pancakes with various toppings. I've a picture of the lady who made me my Nutella Banana Pancake which was beyond words, so try spotting her if you can & you'll love what you get. 

7Eleven - I absolutely love this store & there are 3 things I can swear by here, The 'Ok' biscuit, The Spicy Chicken Fingers (Which are ready to eat) and the Jack-Daniels with coke - The 3 of them make for a good combo when you're on the go

Coffee Club - Head to Coffee Club (Jungceylon Mall) for a good meal that has a variety of cuisines to offer including good Thai food. Also don't go by the name, this coffee club serves alcohol as well. Yes, weird but true.

Photo Courtesy -

Junk Food - If you're looking for junk food (not sure why would one opt for Junk-Food during a Phuket trip) but just in case you can't do without your KFC, Pizza Hut, Burger King & Mc Donalds then you can find all the 4 outlets at Jungceylon Mall

Photo courtesy - Google 

Tour Companies – Here is a tip that can come handy, usually the food arranged by tour companies that you tie up with aren’t great, so I suggest carrying your own tidbits just in case

Drinks – I would suggest experimenting with cocktails. I tried out the mojitos, daiquiris, pinacoladas and all of them were spot-on. Also for beer lovers, stick to Thai beer (Singha, Leo and Chang) they are not just cheaper than the other beers but also taste great.

Photo Courtesy - Pintrest 

Massages – Get as many as you can, trust me, it’s worth it. A massage for an hour (street side parlors) would cost you about AED 40 – 50

Photo courtesy - 

 Other things to do -

1.  Take the speed boat ride and try out snorkeling at Phi Phi islands. It's beautiful & beyond words.

2. Walk down the Bangla Road – It can be scandalizing for some but it’s an experience in itself (Mentally prepare yourself) you’ll have lots of fun pubs to chill at. If you’re looking at a pub (minus the pole dancers) then there is something called the New York Pub that has a live-band.

3. Bangla Boxing Stadium – Even if you aren’t a boxing lover, you’ll definitely enjoy this. The entry is slightly expensive but once you’re inside it’s a lot of fun. You can bet on boxers/ have shots depending on who wins etc

4. Shopping – You can pretty shop everywhere in Patong, however one place that stands out is the night market opposite the boxing stadium (It opens at 6 pm)

5. Walk down the shacks lane (Its right opposite grand mercure) there are almost 15 of them, these are basically round tables with a bar in the circle and a huge screen/laptop where you can play your own music and start up on your own little party (advisable for big groups)

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Tamba - WTC

Hi guys, 

I'm finally back from my vacation, I've been travelling for the last 2 weeks and hence missed out on some really awesome reviews that I wanted to share with you. On top of that list was the Indian Fusion restaurant Tamba located at the WTC - Abu Dhabi

I've been genuinely having dreams about the food I had at Tamba because trust me when I say this, EVERYTHING I tried here was phenomenal. Also what I love about Tamba is that it's not just the food that you will love, its the experience that shall stay with you and force you to head back. 

My personal favorites among the food I had here were -

Pulled Lamb Gyoza - When India meets Japan, this is the awesomeness that happens. Tamba of course boasts to be an Indian fusion restaurant and here is a living example of how Indian fusion food can be done right. This was basically Japanese dumplings that was stuffed with pulled lamb which was cooked in an Indian style. 

Seared Salmon - I'm honestly not a huge fan of Salmon and hence was slightly reluctant to give this a try but I'm so glad that our server at Tamba recommended this to us, so take my word, even if you aren't a Salmon lover like me, you're definitely in for a treat with Tamba's seared salmon.

King Crab Puri - I would like to call this the Louis Vuitton of Pani Puris, I mean come on, pani puri traditionally is supposed to be a street-side food and here I was, sitting at a very happening fine-dine in Abu Dhabi having Pani Puri, just that along with the tamarind chutney, chilli and chaat masalas there was also CRAB. I was mighty impressed with this & would definitely recommend it (thank me later) 

Manglorian Chicken Dosa - I was pleasantly surprised on seeing this on Tambas menu, reason being, for some odd reason most Indian fine-dine restaurants in the UAE only end up experimenting with North Indian food, this was a refreshing change. Manglorian Chicken Dosa as the name suggests was basically dosa that was stuffed with Chicken Sukka (dry chicken with a hint of coconut) *DO NOT GIVE THIS A MISS 

The Butter Chicken inspired dish - I officially declare this to be the most gorgeous looking Butter Chicken ever. Also I honestly don't think I've ever had chicken that was as tender as the one used in this dish, it literally melted in the mouth. The gold flakes used in its presentation made it look so fancy & probably another plus about this dish was that unlike the usual butter chicken served at an Indian restaurant, this does not really need a naan/bread to accompany it.

Lady Chatterjee - If you've ever wondered how an Indianized cheesecake would taste then Lady Chatterjee is your answer. It's basically cheesecake with ginger snap, passion fruit curd, white chocolate, honey shards and candy. The candy bit in the cheesecake is definitely going to make you feel nostalgic if you remember having the 'pop candy' as a kid. 

The Break Up - Let's just say, a break-up has never been this smooth and sweet *wink wink* Dark chocolate mousse, peanut semifreddo, salted caramel and chocolate sauce. It reminded me slightly of snickers but I love snickers so I couldn't be happier. 

Now along with the food, even the drinks at Tamba are extremely innovative & impressive

I would recommend a cocktail called Mr. Pillai which tasted like Rasmalai + Alcohol (This is what dreams are made of, yes I think so)

Ambiance - Tamba which stands for Copper has been incorporated in the interiors at Tamba. It has a very stylish and International vibe to it. Also Tamba is extremely spacious and has an indoor and outdoor option. 

Picture Courtesy - High Gate 

Staff - Right from the servers to Tamba's manager, they all know their food and drinks in and out and seem so extremely passionate about it.

Cost - A meal for 2 would cost you about 300 - 350 (With a drink) 

Overall Verdict - It's places like Tamba that's making Abu Dhabi a much much cooler place, you will love the food, the staff, the venue and oh the music (they have a resident DJ called DJ Celine)

I would rate it a 6/5 if that was possible. YES, I'm a fan-girl!

P.S. They have a special Ramadan offer - Cost per person (AED 180) between 7.00 pm to 8.30 pm 

Tamba Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato