Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Centro Al Manhal - Friday Brunch

Before I go ahead with my food review for Centro Al Manhal, I would like to *punch* myself for taking so LONG to put this up and being inactive on my blog.

But what's great is that, the memories from here are still fresh and that simply goes to show how much I enjoyed my brunch at Centro Al Manhal.

Centro Al Manhal which is located in Airport Road serves an extremely lavish buffet every Friday and hence a few friends and I decided to visit the place and give the food here a try.
The variety of cuisines they were serving absolutely amazed me. There was a little bit of everything. 

What I personally enjoyed was their chicken sheesh tawook and chicken tikka. Both these dishes were cooked very well, the chicken was tender and almost melted in my mouth. 
Also another fascinating thing about their buffet was their mini pancake maker, absolutely fell in love with the machine and the pancakes. I mean that's the dream right, a machine that makes food?
Honestly I'm the kind of person who judges a buffet by its desserts, if a brunch does not satisfy my sugar spot, it hasn't impressed me enough. But fortunately Centro Al Manhal had some simply outstanding cheese cakes, dutch truffle and tiramisu. There was also another arabic dessert that I tried here, I'm not too sure what it's called but I thoroughly enjoyed it. It appeared to look something similar to 'saiwya'

What I thought could have been better was their seafood, both appearance and taste wise too. Somehow that did not really appeal to my eyes nor my taste buds. 
But it was fun trying out octopus for the very first time, was quite tasteless and goeey.

The ambiance is soothing, it's a calm place to visit on the weekend for some good food and great free flowing wine for about AED 120, which is much lesser than what most other hotels charge.

The staff is extremely friendly and so is the chef, who personally came to our table and spoke to us about the food. 

Overall, I had a good time at Centro Al Manhal

I would rate it a 3/5