Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Make way for Dubai's new food trucks

August being my birthday month, automatically makes it my favourite month of the year, but adding to that, here is some food news, err I mean, good news for you that shall get you equally thrilled about August.

Not 1, not 2, but almost 6 + food trucks are all set to hit the roads of Dubai from the 17th of August.

54 East launches Roundup, the first food truck services in the Middle East

The Roundup food trucks will comprise eclectic food brands like MOB, Calle Tacos, Bio Bean, Shawarma Station, Toasted Grilled Cheese & Gobai. 

Mob Truck - Scrumptious pleasure in all simplicity……dig those teeth in the mouth watering wings drenched in their exclusive absolute sauce, no wheels to London as their to die for fish & chips will smitten you, curl your tongue to their crunchy onion rings. The JalapeƱo poppers and their death by burger just can’t be missed.

Calle Tacos is a Mexican food truck that comes from the heart of Hollywood to the heart of Dubai. They cater for different events around the UAE.  Customers will find an actual taco truck where the food will be prepared and served, truck windows that open to the street, and a small seating area for customers to enjoy. The menu at Calle Tacos features a variety of traditional Mexican fare including burritos, nachos, quesadillas and of course, tacos. Customers can choose from a selection of proteins, toppings, and sauces for a customized meal that will suit any taste. We don’t use any trans fats, only soybean oil. 

Calle Tacos

Bio Bean is an organic specialty coffee roasting company and retailer with its headquarter at Dubai, providing the finest freshest and most skillfully roasted coffee beans available in the market.

Shawarma Station - Shawarma is all they do! Shawarma Station was created by shawarma lovers who had a true love for authentic shawarma, and who could not find the right taste anywhere in Dubai. They had decided to create their own shawarma shop with crisp, clean and shiny modern surroundings. Their commitment to freshness naturally evolves into providing foods that respect individual dietary needs. Watch as your shawarma is cut to order, as their expert chefs add their homemade sauces into your selection of fresh Pita, Saj or Doner bread. As the flames shoot up and fresh ingredients come together, you know you are about to experience the best Shawarma!"

Toasted Grilled Cheese truck serving toast, sandwiches, soups and snacks 

Gobai gets its name from its fusion menu that blends Indian food from Goa with dishes from Dubai. You know like, Goa + Dubai = GOBAI! 

Apart from these 6, there is also the Jordanian Brisket Truck and a F!T Truck coming up, the latter being for the health cautious folks. 

Also a while back I had stumbled upon a post that gives you all the information required behind starting up a food truck Business in Dubai. Incase you're interested, read about it here - Food Truck Business In Dubai


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