Monday, July 6, 2015

5 things every Food Blogger goes through

As a food blogger, there are certain cliched questions you're always asked & certain typical things you always have to go through as a food-blogger. 

1) The urge to murder somebody who takes a bite of the food before you've gotten a good picture of it. 

Why...why...why? I'm as hungry as you're but WHY can't you just wait a minute longer till I get the perfect shot? It's for a good cause. 

2) People are never tired of asking you, 'Is your food always free'?

As much as I wish it was always FREE. It isn' me, half my salary goes in trying out all these fancy places, sigh!

3) Post every giveaway on the blog, you get messages like these - I've shared your post 1000000000 times, why didn't I win the giveaway?

Thank you for sharing my post a gazillion times, that indeed is very sweet of you, however I don't remember mentioning that being a criteria for winning. 

4) You are used to the judgmental looks you get while experimenting with different angles to get the right picture of the food you've ordered. 

I'm sorry if I'm bothering you by clicking pictures of MY food, from MY camera for MY blog. Hope so it didn't hamper the duck-face selfie you've been trying to click since the past one hour. 

5) Your friends will always ask you for suggestions about where should they go eat, inspite of you having an entire blog talking about it.

Also in my case, there is 1 extra question that I'm genuinely SICK of answering - DO YOU EVEN EAT FOOD? You're so thin. 

And my reaction almost always is...


  1. hahaha, got the first one, well,I'm just a trying hard "food blogger", I tried my recipes and cook for my family, but of course I didn't forget to take photo. Then my son will ask me, can I try this, can I get one please :) without getting the right angle! wahhh! But still I'm happy because they like what I baked/cooked. Sometimes I failed also, it's always part of first time trials.

  2. Ohh I forgot the last one also, they always told me "why are you not getting fat, you always cook then?" I simply answered them, I cook for my family :) As I also wondering why? hahaha, happy tummy, lucky me!