Monday, March 27, 2017


Whilst we were growing up in India with Parle-G, our friends in Lebanon were growing up with Kabab-Ji. However, now that I'm old enough to make my important life-decisions, I opt for Kababji, yes please.

So Kabab-Ji is located at Galleria Mall (Abu Dhabi) unfortunately though its not a proper restaurant and is a food-court sort of setup, like most restaurants in Galleria. 

What I recommend? Honestly everything that I tried out is recommend worthy. So go ahead and pick as per your craving. However do yourself a favour and don't miss out on the Shish Tawook, Meat Arayes, Grilled Chicken and Labneh With Garlic (It's in BOLD for a reason) Each of these dishes were fresh, juicy and succulent. 

Pricing? AED 40 - 55 per dish. 

Quantity? The quantity will definitely make you question the price, as its not that great, however the food is on-point. 

Service? Self-Service 

Overall Rating - I would give it a 3.5/5 for the overall experience and a 5/5 for the food. 

P.S. They also have a light-menu for all the health conscious folks!