Sunday, December 21, 2014

"Relax"ed at 12, all the way till 6 pm

You know first things first, let me tell you all how I absolutely LOVE brunches, but unfortunately due to whatever reasons, actually let's just say "hangover" reasons, my friends and I never end up going for any, be that in Mumbai or here in the UAE.

But this Friday, given that I had a less happening Thursday and also because the kind people at "Aloft" invited me and a friend for their brunch, I did end up going for a brunch, finally. It's a different thing that I reached here only at 3 pm, but hey, I did reach.

Now honestly Aloft is a place that has been on my mind for a while now, not so much for their brunch, but for the 1 of a kind, rain dance party that  they organize regularly here. However thanks to their invite, I did visit Aloft for their brunch at Relax at 12, and boy, am I glad or what.

Their lavish spread almost scared us, because we were bombarded with about 40 plates on our table with cuisines varying from American, Chinese, Vietnamese, Indian, Japanese, Arabic to name a few.

From the number of items we tried, there were a few that absolutely stood out, namely, the golden beer battered fish, the crispy potato curlers, the Egg Benedict, the Chicken Satay, the Shrimp Tempura, the Vietnameseolls, the Shrimp stuffed Dim-sums and lastly the spicy Chicken Tikka stuffed in papad. Now unlike my usual blog posts where I go about explaining how each dish was, detail by detail, I wouldn't be doing that for this post, because  I genuinely feel my words would not do justice to these few dishes that I just mentioned, all I would say is if you're in Abu Dhabi and love food, you should not miss out on the brunch served at "Relax At 12"

But having said that, I would like to add that this place isn't vegetarian food friendly, and not the best option if you don't love to indulge in non vegetarian food.

Moving on to perhaps my favourite part about the brunch, which was the dessert, given that I'm not a huge fan of extra chocolate-y pastries, it's almost surprising that I was in love with the chocolate truffle here. It was heavenly, mouth-watering, toothsome, flavorful, delectable, inviting, and there, I've used every word I probably know to describe something that tastes good, so you get the point, right?

Lastly no brunch is ever complete without a glass of wine and some great music, and let's just say I enjoyed both equally and hence ended up spending my entire evening here.

However I was hoping the place was slightly more filled, because there were barely 4 - 5 tables that were occupied. So I'm hoping you do make it a point to visit the place and share this little blog post with your friends in Abu Dhabi as well, so that, we could proudly boast about a kickass brunch place in Abu Dhabi to our "Dubai" folks ;)

The brunch here costs you about 249 p.p. but that's inclusive of alcohol, so I don't see why one should complain.

P.S. If you're a Sheesha lover, they have alcohol based Sheesha's here, which could be a fun thing to try, but not so much fun for your wallet, since it shall leave you with 300 Dirhams less.

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