Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Time to celebrATE

First & foremost, thanks to your love, I've been nominated as the best Asian Blogger in the UAE at the Masala Awards 2015 *free drinks for all of you* 

Ok no, I'm joking, no drinks for anybody, but FREE FOOD for you, you & you! (I'm not even kidding)
As a part of my celebration of being nominated at the Masala Awards 2015, I plan on doing a series of giveaways across my various social media platforms.
Currently, you can take part in the Shanghai Surprise contest on my Facebook page, where you could win a lunch meal for 4. Facebook Giveaway - Shanghai Surprise
Also adding to this, you can take part on my Instagram contest. Instagram Contest : Shanghai Surprise 

But trust me, there is SO MUCH MORE that's coming your way & I'm super-thrilled to share it with you, keep watching my Facebook Page to know about all the giveaways. 

It's going to be raining give-aways!

Lastly, if you like what The Anorexic Hog does, then show her some love by voting for her in the best Asian Blogger category here - Masala Awards 2015

Simply login with your facebook details and mark a tick besides my name (as seen in the picture below)

 Thank you, hugs & kisses in advance x

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Uptown Parsi Town - Cafe Funkie Town

Navroze Mubarak (Happy New Year) to all the Parsis here in the UAE, it's amazing how you get to celebrate & wish each other 'Happy New Year' twice in one year, however your parsi-mate, Farah Khan decided to kind of over-do it in the last year (If you know what I mean)

Being in Mumbai, there is absolutely no way you could have missed out on the Parsi colonies in Dadar or the ones at Andheri Station & the small Parsi cafes  in its vicinity. But now apparently you can find one of those cafes just a drive away, at Jumeirah Lake Towers to be precise. Also, it's all funked up now.
Cafe Funkie Town is one of the only Parsi cafes in Dubai serving a wide range of food. Be that your chilly cheese toast or a frankie, keema-pav or dhansak, chicken cutlet or sali-boti, Cafe Funkie Town is the place. 

Unlike my usual reviews I'm not going to get into detail of what all I had, what was good & what wasn't, because the beauty of Cafe Funkie Town is experimenting with food. Also you will absolutely love their service, there is this one young lady who sits there (I'm guessing she owns the place) she will be your perfect guide to Parsi food & help you decide on your order.
Also apart from the food, what I personally love about this cafe is their Bollywood vibe, be that the bollywood star photoframes displayed on the walls or the random bollywood songs playing in the background. 

Also this sign board at their counter is the perfect slap-in-the-face for people including myself who invariably always ask the servers at the restaurants 'What's the WiFi password? *wink*

(Duplicate Image)
Cafe Funkie Town is quite pocket-friendly, don't be too desi and start converting it and comparing it with how much would you pay for it had you been in Mumbai because that will get you nowhere. 
I would rate Cafe Funkie Town a 4/5 
P.S. Here is their Navroz Special Buffet Offer