Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Pascal Tepper

Hi Guys,

For those who don't know, Pascal Tepper is a French Bakery & Cafe located in the IPIC building (Abu Dhabi) 

So, much like the 5 M's of Advertising, there are 5 letters to a Food Review too i.e. F - S - P - A - R (Jumble the words) just joking, I'm going to actually make sense out of this. 

So F stands for Food, S stands for Service, P stands for Pricing, A stands for Ambiance and finally R stands for Rating (or Report Card?)

Food - I called for a Croque Monsieur Classique, Paccheri A La Arrabbiatta along with an Iced Tea Jay on the rocks.

Croque Monsieur Classique - Emmental cheese, turkey ham & turkey bacon, what's there not to like?

Paccheri A La Arrabbiatta - Tube shaped pasta cooked in chili tomato sauce, olives and parmesan cheese. This is originally a Vegetarian dish but I added AED 15 for a chicken version of the same. Absolutely loved it, definitely recommended. Also the quantity is good enough for 2 people. 

Iced Tea Jay on the rocks - Out of the many variants to choose from, I decided to opt for the 'Maybe Baby' which was an organic red fruit mix with hibiscus. I couldn’t have asked for a better summer drink. Also it's suitable for 2 - 3 people. 

Service - Extremely friendly & well informed staff. 

Pricing - You would spend about 150 - 200 for a meal for two, which is not bad at all. 

Ambiance – Got to love the Pink & Purple feel to Pascal Tepper, also the beautiful purple wall with the hanging silver beads is definitely a picture worthy spot.

Rating - I would rate it a 4//5


  1. Great place and good review..
    interesting though how you use the not so frequently used french origin word ambiance instead of the english one 'ambience'

    haven't seen many people use it ;)

  2. Oh this is very interesting and nice way to rate any brand or product. I found this information very valuable. I hope my family and me will enjoy visiting there.