Sunday, June 5, 2016

Tamba - WTC

Hi guys, 

I'm finally back from my vacation, I've been travelling for the last 2 weeks and hence missed out on some really awesome reviews that I wanted to share with you. On top of that list was the Indian Fusion restaurant Tamba located at the WTC - Abu Dhabi

I've been genuinely having dreams about the food I had at Tamba because trust me when I say this, EVERYTHING I tried here was phenomenal. Also what I love about Tamba is that it's not just the food that you will love, its the experience that shall stay with you and force you to head back. 

My personal favorites among the food I had here were -

Pulled Lamb Gyoza - When India meets Japan, this is the awesomeness that happens. Tamba of course boasts to be an Indian fusion restaurant and here is a living example of how Indian fusion food can be done right. This was basically Japanese dumplings that was stuffed with pulled lamb which was cooked in an Indian style. 

Seared Salmon - I'm honestly not a huge fan of Salmon and hence was slightly reluctant to give this a try but I'm so glad that our server at Tamba recommended this to us, so take my word, even if you aren't a Salmon lover like me, you're definitely in for a treat with Tamba's seared salmon.

King Crab Puri - I would like to call this the Louis Vuitton of Pani Puris, I mean come on, pani puri traditionally is supposed to be a street-side food and here I was, sitting at a very happening fine-dine in Abu Dhabi having Pani Puri, just that along with the tamarind chutney, chilli and chaat masalas there was also CRAB. I was mighty impressed with this & would definitely recommend it (thank me later) 

Manglorian Chicken Dosa - I was pleasantly surprised on seeing this on Tambas menu, reason being, for some odd reason most Indian fine-dine restaurants in the UAE only end up experimenting with North Indian food, this was a refreshing change. Manglorian Chicken Dosa as the name suggests was basically dosa that was stuffed with Chicken Sukka (dry chicken with a hint of coconut) *DO NOT GIVE THIS A MISS 

The Butter Chicken inspired dish - I officially declare this to be the most gorgeous looking Butter Chicken ever. Also I honestly don't think I've ever had chicken that was as tender as the one used in this dish, it literally melted in the mouth. The gold flakes used in its presentation made it look so fancy & probably another plus about this dish was that unlike the usual butter chicken served at an Indian restaurant, this does not really need a naan/bread to accompany it.

Lady Chatterjee - If you've ever wondered how an Indianized cheesecake would taste then Lady Chatterjee is your answer. It's basically cheesecake with ginger snap, passion fruit curd, white chocolate, honey shards and candy. The candy bit in the cheesecake is definitely going to make you feel nostalgic if you remember having the 'pop candy' as a kid. 

The Break Up - Let's just say, a break-up has never been this smooth and sweet *wink wink* Dark chocolate mousse, peanut semifreddo, salted caramel and chocolate sauce. It reminded me slightly of snickers but I love snickers so I couldn't be happier. 

Now along with the food, even the drinks at Tamba are extremely innovative & impressive

I would recommend a cocktail called Mr. Pillai which tasted like Rasmalai + Alcohol (This is what dreams are made of, yes I think so)

Ambiance - Tamba which stands for Copper has been incorporated in the interiors at Tamba. It has a very stylish and International vibe to it. Also Tamba is extremely spacious and has an indoor and outdoor option. 

Picture Courtesy - High Gate 

Staff - Right from the servers to Tamba's manager, they all know their food and drinks in and out and seem so extremely passionate about it.

Cost - A meal for 2 would cost you about 300 - 350 (With a drink) 

Overall Verdict - It's places like Tamba that's making Abu Dhabi a much much cooler place, you will love the food, the staff, the venue and oh the music (they have a resident DJ called DJ Celine)

I would rate it a 6/5 if that was possible. YES, I'm a fan-girl!

P.S. They have a special Ramadan offer - Cost per person (AED 180) between 7.00 pm to 8.30 pm 

Tamba Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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