Sunday, September 13, 2015

Why NomNom?

Hello, hope you’re doing good. I’ve been slightly sick & hence the delay in uploading this review.

However, I thought of trying out a slightly new format to my review this time, I call this the “Wannabe Buzzfeed writer” format, you know like, 5 things that will change your life? 10 things you should do before you touch 30 etc etc – Here are your 5 answers to “Why NomNom?”

Why NomNom? 

1. Desi Chinese - There is Chinese & then there is Desi Chinese, an Indianized version of Chinese food. Nom Nom excels at the latter and I’m not complaining at all, having lived in Mumbai for years, I crave for this & how. Also going by reviews on Zomato, looks like everyone seems to be welcoming this Desi Chinese concept with open arms.

What do I recommend?

Papaya Salad - This could honestly be a main-course by itself, even if you aren't a salad person, try this, you have to, you better do, you won't regret it. This papaya salad is mixed with chili, garlic & palm sugar topped with baby tomatoes, beans & roasted peanuts & is served with Thai chili dressing. 

Crispy Chicken Spinach - Chicken stir fried in chili garlic paste that is served with crunchy spinach & sesame sprinkles. For a better taste-bud experience, make sure you mix the chicken with the spinach while eating it, don't have either of it just by itself.

Pepper Chilli Tossed Tofu - Tofu tossed with ginger, garlic, spring onions & cilantro. Inspite of not being a huge fan of Tofu, I thought this was cooked exceptionally well. 

Thai Young Coconut Juice -  I'm not making this up, it tasted like Malibu Milkshake, obviously without the alcohol. Extremely refreshing & a sure shot hit during the Summers.

2. Cozy Ambiance – This hidden gem is a small restaurant but what’s great is that it appears to be bigger than it actually is thanks to the way its interiors are, also I personally love how bright Nom Nom is. The interiors are minimalistic and elegant. Definitely a place you would want to dine at with friends or family.

3. What's on the menu – Well you name it & they have it, almost. With this I mean, most dishes on their menu can be ordered in your choice of protein, such as, Chicken, Lamb, Fish, Prawns, Tofu, Veg or Duck.

4. Service – The second you enter into Nom Nom, you would know that good service is at top priority. I don’t remember the last time the staff at a restaurant was as warm & friendly as the servers and manager here at Nom Nom.

Also we were fortunate to meet the owner of Nom Nom, who is supremely passionate about his venture, Nom Nom & had the most interesting stories to share with us about his start up & the problems he faced & how they overcame it. If you do manage to spot him at Nom Nom, do ask him about it, you will be in for a supremely positive & interesting story.

Also guess who got a chance to visit the kitchen? *muhaha*

5. Pricing – I remember reading this line somewhere on the internet “Happiness comes cheap, even for Millionaires” and I’m like, yea sure. But post a meal at some of these recently opened up restaurants, Nom Nom being one of them, I may just want to agree.

Nom Nom goes easy on your wallet.  You would barely spend about AED 25 – 35 per dish.

Overall Rating – 4/5

Lastly I would like to ask one genuine question to Nom Nom - Hey good cooking, when do we see you in Abu Dhabi? ;)  

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