Sunday, September 20, 2015

AVASA - St Regis

I was at Avasa last weekend on a lunch date with my friend, Angela & we had quite the time here.

Starting off with the food, we decided to order for just 3 appetizers and then do desserts post that.

The picture above clearly states that, reading a menu and placing an order is a serious task. Well after much contemplation, we finally decide to call for, Fish Koru Kempu, Chandi Kaliyan & Mutton Galouti with Varqi Paratha.

Now the Fish Koru Kempu is basically extremely crispy and crunchy fried fish that is coated with sesame seeds and is accompanied by a cucumber-coconut chutney dip. This was mildly spicy and is definitely something you will find yourself munching on even once you’re full.

Chandi Kaliyan was Chicken Malai Tikka flavored with cardamom, marinated in cashew paste which made it extremely creamy and garnished with edible silver leaf, which for some odd reason really fascinates me (don’t judge) But on a serious note, the chicken was very well cooked & tasted great.

Mutton Galouti Kebab with Varqi Paratha was supremely tender & again very well cooked pounded lamb kebab, however I wish it was a tad bit spicier. It tasted slightly bland, probably to suit the taste buds of the Arabs & Europeans, who you shall see in large numbers at Avasa. So here’s a tip, do mention that you would like it spicy to your server, in order to not be disappointed.

Moving on to the desserts, we ordered for Rasmalai, Gulab Jamun & Kulfi (for my friend, as I had a sore throat) both the desserts were extremely rich & with every bite you knew this was not your ordinary Indian mithai. My personal favourite however was the Rasmalai as the Gulab Jamun can get a little too sweet.

Also a special mention to the drink, Virgin Toddy, that I was recommended by the Avasa staff for my sore throat. It was honestly a life saver and I may just want to come here every single time I have a throat infection to sip on this, because it works better than a cough syrup and tastes good, hence it’s a win win situation ;)

 Interiors By default you would find yourself clicking a picture of 2 things at Avasa.

 1. The stunning wall hanging bangles

    2. The beautifully done up wall at the entrance (don’t forget to click a picture here, it has all the potential to go up on your Snapchat/Instagram/Facebook *wink wink*)

Also what’s great about Avasa is that they have an outdoor sitting option and since WINTER IS COMING (Read: Game of Thrones) it would be a great place for a dinner outing with friends & family.   

Pricing Avasa is priced fairly decently as compared to other Indian fine dine restaurants in the city.  

Staff, Avasa’s manager, Sumitra is a great host, extremely warm, friendly and most importantly well aware of everything on the menu, she along with the servers shall make sure you’re treated in a royal way. I noticed her visiting the other tables too to check on them.

Also, it was lovely meeting Avasa's head chef

I’m definitely going to go back to Avasa to try out the main course and other appetizers & would recommend it to you as well.

Location & Contact info : The Collection, The St. Regis Saadiyat Island Resort, Saadiyat Island, Abu Dhabi. 02 - 6742221 (For reservations)

Find them on Social Media : Facebook  Twitter  

Rating : 4/5

P.S. They have something called Peanut Butter Paneer on their menu that I just noticed on Zomato, why wouldn't I want to go back? 


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