Sunday, September 6, 2015

Calicut Notebook

You know Calicut Notebook should consider replacing the notebook with Express, because that's the speed they work in. I usually get to the service bit towards the end of my review, but this one time I think it was important to emphasize on how quick their service was. 
Now that we have got that established, let me get to the food I had at Calicut Notebook. We ordered for the Chicken Pandanas, Ilayil Tawa Fish, Baby Corn Mushroom Pepper Salt and the Lemon Pepper Grilled Prawn for the appetizers and Alappey Chicken Curry accompanied with Appams for the main course. 
Chicken Pandanas: Not sure what I was impressed with more, the presentation or its taste. This basically was chicken wrapped in pandan leaves and then deep fried. This dish obviously is of Thai origin but I loved the way they Indianized it. Recommended, definitely recommended.

Ilayil Tawa Fish: Calicut style fillet of fish that was grilled & wrapped in banana leaves. You won't believe we actually ordered for this over & over again, because much like Lays, no one can eat just one *ting ting* - but no on a serious note, if you’re looking for something tender, tasty & spicy, then this is your go-to dish. 

Baby Corn Mushroom Pepper Salt: Wow there couldn’t possibly be a dish with a longer name *phew* this was crunchy & crispy, but somehow seemed slightly bland in taste.

Lemon Pepper Grilled Prawn: This was one dish I was sure about, because as you would know, me being the Zomato fan-girl that I am, I did my homework before heading here & had read a lot of people raving about this. However, unfortunately this was quite a downer, not sure if it was just a bad day to judge, but the prawn was a little under-cooked and wasn’t presented in the best possible manner. 

Alappey Chicken Curry with Appam: We had gone a little overboard with the appetizers, so there was room for just one main course to team up with Appams. This was a red based home- style curry, which was mild spicy & tasted great with the Appams. However I wish Calicut Notebook offers these gravies in a bone-less option. 

Price: Please note that the prices stated besides most of the appetizers are PER PIECE and not for a plate. The management should consider stating this on their menu, as it could be slightly misleading. However, having said that, I think it’s quite interesting a concept too, because if you’re having a forever-alone sort of a day & decide to dine in here alone, this may just be very beneficial.
Also a lot of dishes on their menu are currently available & sound super interesting, so a polite request to the management of Calicut Notebook would be that please start serving those as well. 
There isn’t too much to the ambiance as such, but it’s a huge place & getting a table would not be too difficult. 

Also lastly, did I mention they serve you a complimentary drink here on arrival? *applause*

Overall I would rate Calicut Notebook a 3.5/5

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