Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Indigo - Beach Rotana

Over the past 1 week, I've sat down to write this review several times, but everytime I would complete a line or two, I would erase whatever I had written, simply because, I needed to do complete justice to Indigo by writing a review as spectacular as my experience there. 

Indigo is the perfect fine dining experience serving Indian food, located at Beach Rotana (TCA) which in itself is a plus, because most other fine dining Indian restaurants are situated in Yas, which is slightly far from the city.

A colleague and I were invited by the head chef of Indigo, Nitin Raheja for lunch last weekend and we had gladly obliged. But back then, we had zero idea of what was coming our way, because had we known, we would have definitely skipped dinner the previous night and breakfast too. 

Food? Going by what I've written above, I'm sure you've guessed that we were literally bombarded with food at Indigo, but hey, who in their right frame of mind would ever complain about free food? Wait let me rephrase that, who in their right frame of mind would complain about free fabolous food, wow 'F3' (random observation, you may ignore and move on with reading this review)

At Indigo, there was no discrimination between food, right from being served Mumbai Street Food to Punjabi Parathe, Hyderabadi Biryani to Assamese Dumplings (Momos) we were to experiment it all. 

What we tried? Dahi Bhalla, Assamese Dumpling (Momos), Teekhe Tandoori Aalu, Non Veg Platter (Chicken Seekh Kebab, Mutton Seekh Kebab , Fish Tikka, Mutton Tunday Kabab & Jhinga Til Tinka) and the mini Veg Platter (Hara Bhara Kabab and Tandoori Stuffed Mushroom), Alu Parathe, Puri Choley, Keema Pao, Ande Ki Burjhi, Lamb Biryani. *PHEW*

Honestly not trying to over-sell the place, but genuinely I quite liked everything I tried, barring the fish tikka (which wasn't as tender as I expected it to be) and the Lamb Biryani. 

My top 5 favourite dishes from what I tried would be -

1) Chicken Keema Pao - 
Chicken keema with Pao has mostly been a street-style dish, so it was a pleasant surprise to see this being served at a Fine Dine restaurant. The Chicken Keema is minced chicken curry prepared with tomatoes and onions and this is served with pao. This was by far the best Chicken Keema Pao I've ever had, it was literally mouth-watering. I was almost convinced to call for a second round, inspite of having so much food on our table already. 

2) Chicken Seekh Kebab - Succelent spiced chicken mince, skewered and cooked over charcoal. The seekh kebabs were spot on, tender, spicy and flavourful. Definitely got my taste buds tingling. (always thought to myself, if the Britannia ad was inspired by the word tingling, you know like, ting ting tiding) 

3) Mutton Tunday Kabab - Minced Lamb Tikkis mixed with spices and green chillies. It has a super soft paste like texture from the inside. The kababs are unmissable spicy and have a smokey excellent taste to it. 

The Platter (Jhinga Til Tinka, Chicken Seekh Kebab, Mutton Tunday Kabab)

4) Jhinga Til Tinka - These gigantic prawns literally call you towards it and don't you dare make the mistake of giving it a miss. The Jhinga Til Tinka are basically king prawns, coated with bread crumbs and sesame seeds which is then marinated with aromatic spices. Even though I have had sesame prawn toast several times, this was the first time I had tried Jhinga Til Tinka (I like the sound to this)

5)Teekhe Tandoori Aalu - As the name suggests, this was chili potato, which was not just spicy but also had this tamarind flavor to it, which made a dish as simple as this so scrumptious.

Also a special mention to the Chicken Dumplings (Momos) which were quite good, but yet not the best I've had.

Honestly post this meal I was sure that I would have to drop the 'Anorexic' from my blog name, because I had eaten so much that I was actually contemplating unbuttoning my jeans (but trust me, I didn't, I survived) 

Also after being served lavishly with all this food, we were also convinced by the Chef to try out their special ginger icecream and their 'sau meel ki chai' which I kept hearing as Saumil and was wondering to myself, who exactly is Saumil? But well, in my defence I was slightly sleep deprived.

This was the 1st time I was trying out either, the ginger icecream as well the sau meel ki chai. All it took was one bite of the icecream and 1 sip of the chai, for me to fall in love with both. Also for all those who don't know the reason behind it being called the 'Sau Meel Ki Chai' it is because travellers in the North side would have this during their long drives (100 miles and more, thus the name)

This chai was served in an extremely fascinating tea pot which infact was also used as a decorative piece at Indigo and it sure did enhance the place.

Ambiance? The interiors are quite fancy and classy, and the restaurant has a good mix of Indian and Firang crowd. 

Cost? We didn't really have to pay for our meal but yes it is heavy on the pocket and is not suitable for a casual dinner, but is a great option for any sort of celebration (birthday, anniversary, appraisal at work) If its the third option, kindly drop me a comment with your HR's email ID ;)

Service? The staff was well trained and friendly and so is their head chef, Nitin Raheja who made it a point to visit every single table at the restaurant, and it came as no surprise, to over-hear all those praises for him. 

Absolutely loved my experience at Indigo, looking forward to going back soon. I  would rate it a 4.5/5
P.S. Did I mention they also serve alcohol? Go NOW!    

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