Sunday, April 12, 2015

What a Bun-tastic place!

Like seriously, who goes to a restaurant that serves only buns? Everybody apparently, apart from me. 

However like they say, it's better late, than never. 

My friend and I were awfully bored, barely hungry, but wanted to kill an hour somewhere, hence decided to head to Pappa Roti at Abu Dhabi Mall

On getting seated, we were handed over the menu and I decided to call for a Cheese Bun while my friend wanted to play it safe and stuck to the plain bun. 

We had the option to opt for a meal, where in we could add a hot / cold beverage to accompany our bun, but, we stuck to just ordering the buns. 

The plain bun was extremely fresh, soft and crispy from the outside and buttery and sweet from the inside. However I personally preferred the cheese bun, as the cheese complimented the bun extremely well and as soon as I had a bite of the cheese bun, I realized the hype behind Pappa Roti. 

Now as much as I enjoyed the buns from Pappa Roti, I would like to request them to probably re-do their restaurant, as the chairs/ sofa seemed slightly worn out.

Each bun is priced for around, 11 AED which is absolutely worth it. 

The service was good, they did take a while to bring us the buns, but that's simply because they like to serve it fresh. 

I would rate Pappa Roti a 4/5 

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