Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Gazebo - Delma Mall

I always thought that there was absolutely no way one could ever convince me to travel all the way to Mussafah for a meal; but my parents did successfully manage to induce me to join them for lunch at Delma Mall – Musaffah and I’m so glad they did.

Now Gazebo is extremely popular in Dubai and they have quite a few branches there but this is their first branch in Abu Dhabi, not too sure why they opted for Delma Mall but it’s a good start nonetheless.

On reaching half-way to Mussafah, we decided to call up Gazebo and book a table, hence on arrival; we were instantly given a private cubicle which is nice for a quiet family get together.

Once we were seated, we were immediately handed over the menu by the server; however we got slightly distracted because of their interactive table mat, which had random chicken jokes and facts on them along with a few games.

However eventually we did place our order for the following,

Chicken Chatpata Kebab & Murg BharwanSeekh

Chicken Chatpata Kebab is basically boneless chicken cubes marinated in a hot and sour sauce, which could come across flavored as a charcoal barbeque kebab, but that's not what it is and I honestly don't remember when was the last time I had a Chicken Chatpata Kebab of such fineness.

Murgh Bharwan Seekh is basically seekh made from cardamom scented chicken mince stuffed with creamy filling of mint and coriander. I’ve tried this previously at Lazeez in Abu Dhabi and thought there could NEVER EVER be something remotely as tasty as the Murgh Bharwan at Lazeez, but then let’s just say Gazebo happened.

Chicken Chatpata Kabab and Murgh Bharwan Seekh 

Gosht Galawati Kebab

The Gosht Galawati Kabab is minced lamb which is mixed with spices, green chillies and coriander and eventually formed into a tikki. Believe me when I say this, the tikki was so tender, that it literally split into few pieces on being touched delicately by the spoon, which is also why it was served on a Reshmi Paratha. The taste was spot-on and inspite of not being a huge fan of lamb, I was literally blown away by this dish.

P.S. I've been literally dreaming about it, ever since.

Gosht Galawati Kebab 

 Murgh Lahori

You know my family has a very typical behaviour when it comes to ordering a main-course dish at an Indian restaurant, it always starts off with my mom suggesting butter chicken, which is then shunned down by the rest of us since we all prefer something spicy instead, post which we have a 10 minute long discussion to finalize upon what gravy to order, but we being the indecisive kinds, we always end up asking the server to recommend a red gravy based spicy chicken dish, and the 1st name he suggests is what we ALWAYS end up ordering for. At Gazebo, it perhaps was the lucky day of the "Murgh Lahori Chicken"

The Murgh Lahori was basically boneless pieces of chicken in thick red gravy. It was very rich in flavor and the chicken pieces were extremely tender. Like every appetizer, this dish managed to impress us too.

Murgh Lahori

Hyderabadi Biryani

We had heard tons and tons about the Biryani at Gazebo and hence inspite of being rather full we decided to atleast give the biryani here a try, however, it wasn’t the best possible decision, as there was something lacking in the Hyderabadi Biryani. Even though the Biryani was spicy as per our liking and the boneless chicken pieces in it were well cooked too, the biryani in itself, lacked flavor.

Hyderabadi Biryani 

Bread - Tandoori Roti, TAFTAN, Roomali Roti and Cheese Stuffed (Bharwan Naan)

I was rather surprised that Gazebo didn’t have a mixed bread basket option as served in most other Indian restaurants, however, we decided to individually order for a few bread variants, such as the Tandoori Roti, Taftan, Roomali Roti and the Bharwaan Naan (Stuffed with cheese) Each of them was extremely fresh and complimented the Murgh Lahori well.

Mixed Bread Basket

Dessert – Zafrani Firni

Believe it not I was almost on the verge of exploding post this heavy meal, but yet I decided to hold my breath and bravely order for a Zafrani Firni, as I was told that the Zafrani Firni was a runaway hit here and nobody leaves the restaurant without giving this a try. The Zafrani Firni was basically a milk based dessert with powdered rice. It was flavored with saffron and was extremely delectable.

Now that am done talking about the food, here is what I thought about its service and pricing.

Zafrani Firni 


The staff here is extremely friendly and well informed, however the food takes extremely long to arrive. We had to wait for almost 25 minutes before being served our appetizers. Also I would have appreciated, had they given us a papad basket or salad to engage in while they took those 25 minutes.


The food was absolutely value for money, our bill came up to 230 AED

Lastly I would like to applaud the agency managing Gazebos social media platforms who were extremely efficient & effective.You can follow them on Twitter Facebook and Instagram

My rating for Gazebo would be a 4/5 

Much Much Recommended! 

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