Monday, February 23, 2015

Wafi Gourmet - Nation Towers

A friend had recently suggested a place called Asia De Cuba at the St. Regis (Abu Dhabi) and had asked me to give it a try, so I decided to head there on a Friday evening with a few friends, but unfortunately since the much spoken about outdoor area at Asia De Cuba was shut (Due to the weather) we decided to come back there some other day.

But that resulted in my friends and I getting back to Square 1 in terms of where we could possibly chill that evening. But thankfully after spending a few fruitful minutes on Zomato we decided upon Wafi Gourmet which is at the Nation Towers (Besides St.Regis)

Now on entering Wafi Gourmet, we were rather amazed with how massive the restaurant was, they have an indoor and outdoor seating area, however the outdoor is not really in the open, its just surrounded with glass that overlooks Marina Mall/ Corniche. But the latter is where they serve sheesha, hence we decide to sit outdoors, as that's what we were primarily wanting to do.

We ordered for a Mint Sheesha and for a Mixed Platter with garlic dip and hummus. 

The Mixed Platter was a rather small portion and did no justice to it being priced at AED 80, it consisted of Mutton Seekh Kebabs, Chicken Shish Tawook, Lamb Kofta and the Arayes style bread. 

The Mixed Grill 

My personal favourite was the Chicken Shish Tawook which was extremely well cooked, the meat was tender and the seasoning was spot on. Also the mutton seekh kebab wasn't too bad either. However the Arayes style bread and Lamb Kofta were very average. 

The platter was served with a basket of khubz (bread) which was warm and fresh and was delectable on being accompanied by the garlic dip/ hummus. 

Moving on to the Mint Sheesha, the sheesha was very ordinary, it wasn't bad but not great either. This is priced at AED 56. Also an advise would be, don't forget to carry your ID cards if you look young, because they are quite particular about it.

Lastly the staff was quite friendly, however there was a slight language constraint. 

Overall it was quite an average experience at Wafi Gourmet and I would rate it a 2.5/5

Also 1 last thing to add, Wafi Gourmet follows an Arabic cuisine version of the Subway sandwich concept. You can choose your kebabs and dips and create your own sandwich which apparently costs you about 15 AED for a take-away and 30 AED if you plan on dining in. (And no I don't understand the logic behind this either)

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