Monday, February 16, 2015

Siddhartha Lounge - Grosvenor House

You know there are a few simple yet fancy words that you probably know off, but don't really end up using too often. One such word, for me, would be "Magnificent" I don't even know why, but I've never used this word, but today I will, because there is really NO better word to describe the place I'm reviewing today i.e. "Siddhartha Lounge"

So on a Friday evening, my friends and I were planning to head to Buddha Bar at Grosvenor House (Dubai Marina) but unfortunately they were fully reserved and so the bouncer suggested we try our luck at Siddhartha Lounge which was bang opposite Buddha Bar. 

Now when I initially heard the name Siddhartha Lounge, I being me, giggled to myself, because it seemed like 1 of those shady bars in Mumbai, you know like, Arjuna Bar/ Rameshwa Bar? But Siddharhta Lounge was clearly far from that. 

You are sure to be mind-blown by the view it over looks, which actually changes depending on which side you're seated at, so it could either be overlooking the Palm or the towers at Marina (Habtoor Grand etc) We were seated outdoor, which I preferred as it had an extremely cozy setup, with floor mattresses spread across stairs. However, the indoor area looked spectacular too with the classy white and golden decor.



What we ordered? We ordered for Stir Fried Chicken which was undoubtedly very tasty, but at a Desi-Chinese restaurant, because it had this very masaledaar thing to it, and we almost wanted to stab ourselves for ordering the dish, as it was exorbitantly priced. This dish alone costed us 180 AED *yup, you can point your gun towards me* 

Stir Fried Chicken 

We also ordered for a thin crust chicken pizza, which was originally not on the menu, but the server willingly accepted to make it on special request. The dough was fresh and the chicken was well cooked, also it was for 70 AED which was not as bad. 

Uhm yes that's what my photography looks like!

Now thankfully that was pretty much what we had called for food, post which we decided to just stick to drinking at Siddhartha and ordered for cocktails from their extensive list of cocktails. I ordered for two rum based cocktails and both tasted great. The alcohol & fruits were well-blended. It was neither too strong nor too light. Also the cocktails were priced for about 65 AED which is similar to any other lounge in Dubai. 

From my eye to yours ;)

Service? Inspite of being a girl, I couldn't stop myself from crushing over the stunning ladies who were servers here, and their gorgeous white gowns just added to their beauty. So yes, the boys are definitely in for some eye treat. Also I must add that it's common for these fancy places to have really hot female servers but unfortunately they either turn out to be extremely slow and silly or are extremely arrogant, but at Siddhartha, they were neither slow nor did they come across as arrogant. #Win

Music? The music playing in the background was great, exactly what we needed infact, as it sounded great and wasn't too loud, which is a good thing incase you're going here with friend to catch up or for a date (however the latter depends on you and your partners conversational skills) ;) 

Overall I absolutely loved it and would rate Siddhartha a 4/5 

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P.S. Most pictures in this blog post have been taken off Google, because clearly photography isn't my forte.

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