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The weather has had its ups and downs in the past few days; some may have enjoyed it while the others were rather disappointed.

#MasalaFoodFair was scheduled to be on Friday (20th) and Saturday (21st) but unfortunately the sandstorm played a spoil sport on Saturday & the event had to be rescheduled to Sunday; however that worked out perfectly for me as I was able to drive down to Dubai for the fair.

First things first, I personally absolutely loved the concept of Masala Food Fair, because as their name suggests, the event has everything you need in order to have a "Masaledaar" day, good music, live entertainment, bollywood stars and most importantly numerous stalls all around you serving food ranging from the east to the west of India under one roof, well not roof, given that it was at Zabeel Park, but you get the point.  

What I tried at the #MasalaFoodFair

Kulfilicious – Saffron Tea

Wow! The irony of me having Chai from an Ice-Cream stall, but in my defence it was the 1st chai container I noticed and I’m glad I did, because it was exactly what I needed in that weather.

Price – AED 5  

The Kulfilicious Stall 

Appakadai - Appam and Chicken Gravy

The appams were fluffy, soft and fresh; however I was hoping they had more variants to it and had not limited themselves to just plain appams. It was served with Chicken Curry, which complimented the Appams well. 

Price - AED 12

Appam with Chicken Gravy

Yalla Momos - Chicken Steamed Momos

Now this is one place, that needs to, has to, MUST open a branch in Abu Dhabi, since there is no specialized Momo restaurant in Abu Dhabi. I've heard a lot about Yalla Momos and was quite excited about giving the chicken momos a try and was not disappointed. The Momos literally melted in my mouth, the stuffed minced chicken with the hint of garlic made the momos succulent. 

Price - AED 15 

Chicken Momos 

Mezbaan - Mutton Seekh Kebabs

The mutton seekh kebab was cooked to perfection; though it was not as juicy as I expected it to be. But I shall like to give them the benefit of doubt and maybe head to their restaurant their other kebabs. Oh and the servers were kind enough to serve us 1 extra plate as they were planning to shut their stall soon. 

Price - AED 10 

Mutoon Seekh Kebab

Kulcha King - Chicken Keema Kulcha which came along with with Chole and Tangy Tamarind Chutney.

The Chicken Keema Kulcha was hot and seemed fresh (Inspite of us ordering for this towards the end of the fair) and was stuffed lavishly with minced chicken. It was extremely tasty and very filling, although, the chole were bland and seemed slightly stale.

Price - AED 15 

Chicken Keema Kulcha and Chole 

Also I've to add that the chefs from Kulcha King were a part of a live cook off challenge, during which, one of them had made "Amritsari Fish" & I consider myself luck that I was given a chance to try this out because take my word on this, it was perhaps the spiciest & tastiest I've ever had & since spicy food is like candy to me, I was instantly in love with it. Hence I definitely plan on heading to Kulcha King to try out their food.

Live Cook Off - Kulcha King 

What I missed out on? Unfortunately the Mr. Sugarcane stall had shut down way before the fair ended and I couldn't try it out. Also by the time I got done with Kulcha King my appetite had given up on me and I wasn't able to try out the Butter Chicken from Dabbawalla which I've heard is quite good. 

Also a major highlight from the 2nd day of Masala Foor Fair is the presence of Raveena Tandon who according to me is the yesteryears Nargis Fakhri, smart, stunning and witty. So inspite of Raveena Tandon being away from the limelight for ages now she was still able to woo the crowd just by being there.

Raveena Tandon (Image Courtesy - Twitter) 

Lastly like I said the event was rescheduled to Sunday which resulted in a very low show up which obviously was good for people who don’t like waiting in long queues to grab a bite, but at the same time, I really wish they were more people at the #MasalaFoodFair because it being a "Masala" event, you can trust the who's who of Dubai to be there. 

So overall I had a great time at the #MasalaFoodFair and was able to relish on some mouth-watering food and a little birdie told me that they plan on doing this more often, so yay! 

P.S. You can check out pictures from the event on Masala!

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