Sunday, April 17, 2016


If you live in Abu Dhabi, I'm about to give you not one but four reasons to celebrate. I was at the opening of The Hub at World Trade Center last week and I'm pleased to announce that Abu Dhabi is now home to 4 fabulous new restaurants, Bu Trinity, Original Fusion, Jazz at Pizza Express and Tamba. 

Bu Trinity is a Latin American inspired restaurant/ lounge, which has an amazing indoor and outdoor setup. The lovely garden deck outdoors is definitely refreshing to see in Abu Dhabi. Also I've to mention that the place is HUGE, I'm almost convinced to throw my wedding reception here. Jokes apart, I can totally foresee this being a hit amongst the younger, hip crowd. 

Moving on to Original Fusion whose USP is giving an International touch to Emirati food. You may want to try out their Camiloni which is basically camel ravioli with parmesan sauce, pumpkin puree, sliced summer truffle & roasted almond. 

Next up we have Jazz at Pizza Express which of course has been around for a while & been reviewed by me as well - You can read it here 

Lastly, my personal favourite here is Tamba, a fusion Indian restaurant. Tamba which means Copper in hindi has been depicted in the interiors of Tamba, absolutely loved the look of Tamba, right from the bells that have been displayed to the exposed tandoor ovens. I also tried out their crab pani-puri which I was reluctant to try initially but absolutely loved it. Also try out their dessert 'Ms Chatterji' which shall surely take you back to your 'pop candy' phase. They also have a lovely outdoor setup which shall soon be serving sheesha (yup, rejoice) Also don't forget to catch their local female DJ who shall be playing over the weekends whilst you sip on some great cocktails. 

All four restaurants are licensed and shall be serving alcohol. Don't see why it shouldn't be the new 'Hub' of Abu Dhabi


  1. Going places and discover new eateries is my hobby too. I like the idea of all four in one place. Thanks for sharing the reviews.

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