Sunday, June 21, 2015

5 things to eat under AED 5

You know what's the next best thing after free food? Good food that’s CHEAP.  

They say UAE is a country where wealth & luxury know no bounds, but come month end; everyone's busy whining about how broke they are & this is when your food superhero (well almost) comes to your rescue.

Using Superpowers To Find Cheap Food

I've compiled a list of 5 things to eat in Abu Dhabi under AED5 (No, don't worry, I haven't included a Shawarma)

 1. Oman Chips Sandwich -  I hereby declare Oman Chips Sandwich as UAE’s official National dish, no really, I’m sure even cafes in OMAN don't make the Oman Chips Sandwich as good as places here in Abu Dhabi. One such place in Abu Dhabi being House Of Tea.

As the name goes, the sandwich is obviously stuffed with Oman Chips, along with cheese, mayo and ketchup. It costs you about AED 3 (you still have money left for a Karak Chai #win)

2. Cheese Olive Manakeesh – So this according to me is a ‘Poor Man’s Pizza’ which tastes a lot better than Pizzas served at a few authentic Italian Pizza’s in Abu Dhabi, no kidding.

Manakeesh has a few variants, Zaatar, Basic cheese, Cheese & Olive, Cheese & Meat, my personal favourite being the Cheese & Olive Manakeesh, which costs you exactly 5 Dirhams at Sultan Bakery.

3. Vada Pav –
Other than an basic, extremely boring Burger at Mc Donalds, I highly doubt you could find yourself a decent burger within AED 5 in Abu Dhabi. That’s when the Indian version of Burger, Vada Pav comes in. You shouldn’t have any second thoughts & head directly to Salam Bombay to grab a Vada Pav. It’s spicy, filling & well obviously cheap (Read : AED 5)

4. Mini Pizza & Chicken Tikka Roll – This specifically is for the mini pizza and chicken tikka roll that’s served at Caesars Confectionery. It would be safe to assume that anyone and everyone who has grown up in the UAE shares a very close connection with Caesars Confectionery. Apart from a slight increase in price, the quality is still spot on. Head here to grab a Mini Pizza and Chicken Tikka Roll which probably shall define the word FRESH to you. Oh and did I mention, you can have both of this together for only AED 5? Yup, life is good.  


5. Paratha & Salan – And this dish just takes this list to whole new level, simply because it probably is one of the tastiest and cheapest item in this list.

Now this should be your go-to dish when you aren’t in the mood for a sandwich variant, because this could definitely pass off as a proper meal.

Salan is basically your Chicken Curry without chicken, your Paneer Tikka Masala, without the Paneer, you get the point, right? But rest assured, it’s 1 of the most delicious things to eat and compliments the Kerala style Parathas very well.

The Paratha is priced at AED 1 and the Salan is given F.O.C yes FREE *runnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnns towards it* :D

Head to City King, or any other small Cafeteria run by a Keralite in Abu Dhabi to give this a try. 

 Contact - City King 


Hope this list helps you and your wallet. Happy Saving! 

Just a week left! #AchheDinAayenge ;)


  1. Enticing list Tamanna! The pic at the end is so amusing :D

  2. What about mcdonalds 1 aed ice cream??

  3. this is a great idea to wrap chicken...Looks so delicious & pictures make me mouthwatering!!Thanks for sharing with 'Hot & Spicy Treats' Restaurant in Satya niketan

  4. tammyyy!!! dubai!! come!! under 5 bucks.. there are things very tempting here.. ofcourse the salam bombay vada pav is epic. but the ICE & ROLL masala bun is to die for..

    good job with the post though..

  5. Hai Tamanna, I often buy parathas in kerala restaurants and cafeterias in Sharjah , but I never got that salna (plain curry) for free..

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