Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Thai Ho!

You know there are days when you wake up with a major craving that simply HAS to be fulfilled. This was one such day when I woke up with a craving for some breath taking Thai food and it took me almost 2 whole hours to convince my family to accompany me to a Thai restaurant.

Thai is a cusine I absolutely love but unfortunately haven't experimented with much in Abu Dhabi. Hence, I decided to visit Royal Orchid a few days back. One ofthe few Thai restaurants situated in Abu Dhabi.

Royal orchid is a fancy Thai/Chinese restaurant located in Salam Street and is an absolute delight for a Thai Lover.

On entering, we were ushered to a table of four. The hospitality was superb and the staff seemed well informed and alert.

The waitress handed over the menu and like most times, I found myself internally struggling to keep from ordering everything, because it all sounded so damn good.

However I finally decided to go with Pan Fried Fish Cakes, Crispy Chicken, Crispy Baby Corn with chilly & spring onion for appetizers and Thai Red Curry and Pia Rad Prik in the main course.

Starting with the appetizers, Thai Fish Cakes which is a common street food in Thailand apparently, was
flavorful and isn't battered, hence the taste of the fish, spices, and herbs come through in a rather fresh manner. What surprised me was that these cakes were fresh out of the oil yet it still lacked the juiciness. It was served with Thai sweet chili sauce and a squeeze of lime juice.

Thai Fish Cakes

Moving on to the crispy chicken, this was decent. Not the best I've had but wasn't bad either.

Crispy Chicken 

Surprisingly amongst the appetizers what I liked the most was a vegetarian dish, the crispy baby corn with chili & spring onion, this was so aptly spiced and was so tender & fresh.

Crispy Baby Corn with Chili & Spring Onion

What was truly special was my entree, the Pia Rad Prik (Crispy baby hamoour in spicy tangy thai sauce) which was exquisitely presented, and tasted heavenly! It was spicy, steaming hot and not too heavy. They did not go overboard with the tanginess either. And the hamoour was so tender that it almost melted in your mouth.

Pia Rad Prik

Also my other main course dish i.e. the Thai Red Curry - Chicken, was spicy, scrumptious and the fragrance of the Thai herbs that arose from it just pulled me towards it. The ambiance is quite good. Good lighting and comfortable.

Thai Red Curry 

Royal Orchid doesn't dig a hole in your pocket. Aptly priced fine-dine. A meal for two would have you
lighter by Dhs. 130

Overall I had a great time here and would definitely recommend Royal Orchid.

I would give it a 4/5

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  1. Thai food is known for its flavourful taste. These dishes look yummy. Your review is good, I will try out these dishes. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!