Friday, December 20, 2013

Appam Paradise - Nalas Aappakadai

South Indian cuisine wasn't something that really excited me until I happened to try the appams at Nalas Aappakadai.

Getting straight to the point, the appams here are superb. I've tried out three variants of appams they have, i.e. the chicken appam, the paneer butter appam, the cheese appam. Honestly I can't decide which one of them was better than the other, because they all tasted so damn good. The appams were fluffy, soft and fresh and the toppings on them were to die for.

Cheese Appam with Chicken Chetinad

These appams taste best when accompanied with a gravy, hence I opted for the chicken chettinad and home-made chicken gravy. The chicken chettinad was very average, it should have been a tad bit spicier and the chicken should have been cooked a little longer, because it was a slightly rubbery. The home made chicken gravy was scrumptious and complimented the appams really well. 

Chicken Appam with Home made chicken gravy

I've also tried the chicken 65 and paneer chilly here which I did not like much. Neither of them were tender and were difficult to eat. So I figured appetizers isn't their thing.

Lastly I also tried out their chicken soup. The waiter had recommended this for my sore throat and not did it just taste delicious but also did wonders for my throat.

Chicken Soup

Moving on to their service, they are quick and alert. Also since both the times I went here, it was quite empty so we got all the possible attention and also fortunately missed out on the usual super loud 'ho-ha' that happens in an Indian restaurant.

It's not your typical cheap South Indian joint but the place is highly clean and quality is good.

Overall quite a good place. I highly recommend the appams, undoubtedly the best in town.

I would rate Nalas Aappakadai a 3.5/5

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