Monday, July 1, 2013

De Thali, Teri Muuchi Kaali.

Hello everybody,
As promised, I shall be doing reviews more often now. And the funny thing is after coming all the way to the Middle East my first review is about an Indian restaurant; yes I’m weird like that. Also since I'm weird, forgive me for the retarded blog post title.
So after a crazy Thursday night, I and two friends decided to go for lunch to a new Indian restaurant called “De Thali’ that we had heard a lot about from friends & family.
This is located at Madinat Zayed Shopping Centre which is a mall I visited after almost 6 – 7 years and it’s just the same. It’s like an indoor ‘hill road’. However, the new extensions food court is pretty huge and has given way to many new restaurants.

Now coming to the restaurant, De Thali is done up in a really peppy manner, it’s a very young yet sober environment. The staff is very well trained and friendly.
I’m sure most of you are expecting me to review a Thali now, but I actually did not have an appetite for that, but they have several options for Thalis, which I shall try out soon. We ordered for a Chicken Patiala, Chicken Angarey Kebab, Paneer Masala Roll, Parathas and a lime-mint drink.
The Chicken Patiala – This was basically Chicken cooked with a cashnewnut paste and masalas. It wasn’t spicy however. It was flavoured with kasoori methi and served topped with an egg omelette. Unlike most times, thankfully this tasted as fancy as it appeared to be. 

The Chicken Patiala

However the Parathas that came along with the Chicken Patiala were very thick and not eatable. A roomali roti or garlic naan would have been the right combination.
Moving on to the Angarey Kebab which was boneless chicken cubes marinated with green and red chilli, garlic and spices and was cooked in the Tandoor. This was quite spicy, yet wasn't as juicy as it could have been. However it’s worth a try.

                                                             Chicken Angarey Kebab

There isn’t much to describe in a Paneer Masala Roll because it is exactly what its name reads. It is highly recommended for vegetarians. Also non vegetarians you could try this too when you need a break from the usual.
Lastly, the lime-mint drink was a refreshing cooler, the perfect drink for the current weather. It also made us forget about the hangover we were complaining of.

                                                Thali Pathy?This is something I would say.

                                      The two gorgeous girls who accompanied me for lunch

Talking about the price structure, it defines the tagline ‘sasta & tikau’ very affordable for the good quantity they serve. This place reminded me of Urban Tadka (Mumbai) It’s not as good but close.
For all those who don’t know this is owned by the Top NRI Businessman ‘Yousif Ali’s’ daughter, after the success of Bloomsbury (The cupcake shop) she decided to open this as well as another Indian restaurant called ‘Pepper-Mill’ whose food is similar but is a more classier and expensive place. This has turned out to be a big hit amongst locals.
Honestly I believe she shall soon take over the Restaurant sector in Abu Dhabi and I wish her good luck for the same, hopefully she brings in more new cuisines here.
On that note, I shall end this post with this soothing song.

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  1. Good Piece of Trivia there on Pepper Mill and De Thali's owner. Spotted Peppermill in Lulu Al Barsha, here in Dubai and always wondered why a restaurant so decked up would want to open in a Lulu; well, until now.

  2. Thanks Brian. Yes, its all in the family. They are soon to revolutionize the Restaurant sector here & honestly don't know about Dubai but there is so much scope here in Abu Dhabi. Looking forward to it.