Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sun Moon & Potatoes

Hey Everyone, Hope you all are doing great and welcoming the festive season with some great food and lots of Mithai. So thanks to Ganesh Chaturti, me and my brother had a long weekend and decided to catch up on a movie (Heroine) which was disastrous but thankfully we decided to have a quick dinner before the movie, so we decided to go to Sun Moon and Potatoes which luckily wasn't bad like the movie. I have visited this place years ago before I started my blog and had the chicken sizzlers and from what I can remember, it was quite good.

Sun Moon and Potatoes offers a wide range of multiple cuisines such as Italian, Chinese, Mexican and European.  We ordered for Chicken Quesadillas, Cream Cheese Chicken Pasta and Cheese Garlic Bread.  Yes cheese is our high.

So first came in the Cheese Garlic Bread, which appeared and tasted as though it was homemade, not that it’s a bad thing but obviously you expect better when you’re dining outside. This definitely is something I would not call for the next time am here. This was priced for around Rs. 100

After which came in the Chicken Quesadillas, honestly am a huge fan of Quesadillas and any place I find this on the menu, I have to call for it. But unfortunately I was not having the best luck with them for the past few months, thankfully here at Sun Moon and Potatoes, the Quesadillas were delicious. They looked scrumptious and were absolutely mouthful. It was juicy and tad bit spicy and had fresh melted cheese flowing from it also luckily they weren't too many vegetables stuffed in it. This was priced for Rs.150

Lastly the waiter got us the Cream Cheese Pasta. I had an option between Veg/Chicken/ Seafood and Penne/ Spaghetti/ Fusilli. I opted for the Chicken Penne Cream Cheese Pasta.  It was extra creamy and had the right amount of cheese (or maybe I was almost dead with the over dosage of cheese) and unlike most other places had a good amount of shredded chicken pieces in it which were well cooked. This was priced at Rs. 225

So overall quite a decent meal, the chicken Quesadillas definitely stole the thunder.

Talking about the ambiance of the place, it’s a nice chilled out place, nothing fancy. A place apt for college kids to hang out and grab a meal.  However it’s a small place so they barely have 6 tables inside and around 2-3 outside.  They should maybe consider re-doing the place a little so that it could attract more people.  Also this youth dominated place could think through serving Beer/Wine.  

Nonetheless a good place with good food. Peaceful and Economical.

I would rate it a 3.5/5

Phone number :  022 28814645, 022 65752866 
Location  : 11 & 12, Pleasant Park, Movietime Cinema, Link Road, Malad West, Mumbai    

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