Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Dai Pai Dong - A Wok To Remember

I've been on a look-out for good Chinese restaurants in town and discovered Dai Pai Dong recently and decided to give it a shot.

This Chinese fine-dine restaurant is located at Rosewood hotel in Abu Dhabi (Al Maryah Island). Since the weather was great, we decided to opt for the outdoor area and enjoyed the spectacular view of Al Maryah Island.

For the appetizer we called for the Chilli Chicken (I'm an Indian eating Chinese food, we HAVE to order for chilli chicken, it’s an unsaid rule) - It was quite different from what I've usually had but good-different, not the spiciest I have tasted - but the chilli dip served on the side helped.

For the main course, we decided to go for the wok-fried seabass and the wok-fried hakka noodles - It was "A Wok to Remember" get it..get it? Never mind. The seabass and hakka noodles wasn't the best combination, infact the server also advised us to go for the fried rice instead of the noodles, but it felt like a noodle day (Yes, one of those days) Individually though, both the dishes were great.

Price - The chilli chicken was for AED 40, the wok-fried chicken noodles for AED 40 and the Wok-Fried Seabass was a tad bit expensive at AED 95. A glass of wine would cost you anywhere between AED 45 - 55 and a beer would set you back by AED 25 – 35.

Quantity - There is a reason I don't believe in love at first sight, because at first glance I thought the portions were quite small, however once I started eating I thought otherwise, it’s quite filling and adequate for 2-3 people.

Service - Hussam (I'm not sure if I've spelled his name right) was our server last evening and he was extremely friendly, we were quite impressed with his communication skills and complimented him about the same as well.

Others - They also serve great Shisha (outdoors)

Rating - 4.5/5



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