Friday, August 30, 2013

The unexpected has happened; The Anorexic hog is reviewing a vegetarian restaurant.

As a true Mumbaikar I was super excited about trying out Salam Bombay because I had heard a lot about it from a few friends who literally live here during their lunch break.

Thankfully they opened a branch right next to my office in Al Nahyan, which I personally think was a great move from their side because if you have visited their other branch in Salam Street it is filled with ADCB and other banks crowd at all times and similarly here there is an ADCB bank right besides Salam Bombay and more over the entire area is a commercial area. I’ve also heard they are opening a branch in Mussafah very soon.

Now getting to the food I’ve tried out a few things here, starting with their Paneer Tikka. Salam Bombay takes, 'teekha banana' to a whole new level, I almost had smoke coming out of my ears (as seen in cartoons) but no seriously, my face had turned red. It definitely tasted really good, but their thick level of red chilly powder around the Paneer made it very little difficult to have it after 3 pieces.

Paneer Tikka 

 I’ve also tried out the Paneer Cheese K Seekh but unfortunately the Paneer wasn't as soft as it should have been and tasted very average and similarly the Dahi Puri I tried out very recently was very ordinary too, hence you can definitely give both these items a miss. If you’re craving delicious Dahi Puri,i I would recommend Chappan Bhog.

Dahi Puri

Paneer Cheese K Seekh

Next moving on to to their Chole Bhature, this was absolutely amazing. The Bhature are huge and the chole are spicy, make sure you ask for the green chutney for some extra flavor. I would definitely recommend this.
Similar to the Chole Bhature, another brilliant dish I would recommend here is the Pao Bhaaji, it reminded of the brilliant Pao Bhaaji I used to have in Mumbai at Bhagwati (Kandivali)

Pao Bhaaji

Salam Bombay is the most renowned for, it's ‘Vada Pav’ (the Indian burger) There is a huge hype in Abu Dhabi for the brilliant Vada Pav served by Salam Bombay, but all that is for a reason, the reason is the vada pav is actually outstanding, it takes you right to a small street vendor on the busy streets of Mumbai.
Lastly unfortunately they don't have too many options in desserts, but I remember trying out the Rabbadi in the other branch which tasted a little stale.

Salam Bombay

Talking about the interiors, you would find nice bright green walls with some huge posters of famous places in Mumbai and for some odd reason they have a London tube station board saying chaat counter, but I think they were trying to make it like one of those Mumbai station sign boards.
Also even though I haven't tried the Veg Lolypop and Tandoori Platter, I’ve heard it’s brilliant.
I would rate this place a 3/5

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