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Hello everyone! Well first things first, please spare me if my writing is not good enough. Hopefully it shall improve with time. It’s the very first time am writing a blog, always thought I should start one but that thought lasted for not more than 4- 5 days and before I knew it my mind had diverted to something else. Before I get on to my very first review which am super excited to share with all of you, let me tell everybody once and for all, I do eat..A LOT! And am mentioning this because of the mere reason that every time I visit any family function or a group of new people am asked 'tamanna, aap kuch khati nahi ho?' and am sick of answering that question over and over again. I think my good metabolism rate does the trick for me. However am very thankful to all those people who constantly annoyed me with that question since because of them I was very sure about my blog title J

Now yes here goes my very first review on GRILLOPOLIS - Andheri

So Grillopolis located at Morya Landmark 1, New Link Road, Opposite Infiniti Mall, Andheri (W) was visited by me with a friend for their buffet lunch, we entered the place around 2.30 so we had only an hour to spend there, since the buffet shuts at 3.30. Firstly would love to tell you all about their grand entrance, it feels more like you are entering a palace, because of the huge classy door. And then you enter the place and immediately fall in love with the cozy ambience.

The buffet is a lavish spread of a mixture of various cuisines such as Italian, Lebanese, Mediterranean and Indian. And since we were really hungry we first hit the buffet to get ourselves salad which I must say were absolutely yummy! There were 3 types of Salads, Pineapple Grilled Chicken, Prawn Salad and Egg Mayonnaise Salad. I did not try the egg salad however, but the other two were superb. After that we were served pita bread with hummus which reminded me of Abu Dhabi J and then we were served the starters which included Lebanese Grilled Chicken which was very tender and amazing in taste. Then came the Chicken Seekh Kebab and BBQ Chicken which did not disappoint me either. After this came the most shocking part of my visit here, the vegetarian starters, and me being the complete non vegetarian that I am wasn’t very sure of giving it a try but then I made the best decision ever by saying yes, both the starters I tried were absolutely delicious. One was stuffed potato with cheddar which was brilliant and the other was Paneer (Cottage Cheese) which was very soft and tasty! There was also Veg Seekh Kebab which I did not try.

Then once we were done there was an option of soup which I gave a miss, and moved straight to the main course. And usually places that specialize for their buffet do an awesome job with their starters but fall short on their main course but we were amazed with the brilliant main course. There was Mutton Biryani, Butter Chicken, Paneer Jalfrezi, Basic Yellow Dal and some Mutton Gravy. The Butter chicken and Paneer jalfrezi were really good and we could order for our choice of bread to accompany it, which was served to us on our table. My friend tried the mutton gravy which he said was really bad, so I didn't bother trying it out. Then there was Italian Saute and Potato Crunchers, both the dishes were average. And also butter crab which was also pretty good.

By then I was pretty full but had a little space left for the desserts, they had a choice of Chocolate Pastry, Orange Pastry and Strawberry Mousse. I tried all three but was disappointed with the chocolate pastry which was very hard to eat and the orange pastry which tasted awful. The Strawberry Mousse however wasn't too bad. They could have done a better job with the desserts.

So yes with that comes an end to my Grillopolis review, I would conclude by saying that overall it was a brilliant experience and a total value for money, its 450/ person (Tax Excluded) which I think is awesome and am looking forward to visit again.

Lastly the place wasn't absolutely full, but had quite a lot of people for lunch on a weekday and from what I have heard from people its full at most times, so it would make sense to make a booking there to avoid waiting and wasting time. Call them on 022 64559900, 022 64569900, +91 9223209555 to make a booking.

Suggestion to Grillopolis – Increase the variety in Desserts and also have an option for juice or something to sip on along with the buffet.

Hope you all enjoyed the post and your feedback on this post shall be much appreciated J

P.S Will upload photos from the next post onwards J


  1. Great work dear for the first ever blog,keep it up.Really impressed that you are putting your eating out habit to a good use by sharing ur review with others.Wish u good luck and God bless :)

  2. Haha I totally relate to your dilemma! Irrespective of how much I eat, most people render all my arguments invalid by saying "size dekh ke pata chal raha hai, kitna khaati hai." :/

    Loved the review! Perfectly informative. :D And yes, pictures would be great. :)

    Keep writing.

  3. Thank you for making me hungry while all I have is Maggi in the house. But really good writing :)

  4. One suggestion would be to perhaps take pics if you can of the food or a signature dish which you really like for future reviews.. as they say a picture is worth a thousand words. But other then that, looks good and a great start - keep it up!

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  6. hey tamanna nice work.. just a small suggestion give more emphasis on your experience there...ya food is also imp.. but give suggestions for the BESTEST dishes and also describe more about the ambiance of the place.. keep it up! :)

  7. thats a horrible review. :/

  8. Thankyou Rohan and Harsh :)

    Yamini / Complete Foodie - Thankyou so much for your kind words, will put up more photos from the next post onwards :)

    Bhumika - Thankyou for your suggestion will keep that into consideration next post onwards, thanks again! :)

    Amit - Its sad that you did not like the review, please let me know what sort of reviews would you like to see in the future. Thanks.

  9. its too dark, don't you think?

  10. Yes a lot of people did suggest to change the background, just changed it to something lighter :) Thanks for the suggestion!

  11. Hi,

    Congratulations on a great beginning. Well begun is half done!

    A suggestion - Post some food photos along with the text. Ones that you have clicked there. That'll increase the appeal.

    P.S. Do write about us - Tastyplex, an online food ordering service for Mumbai - and let us know any way we can help.

    We'll share the link for sure!!

  12. What a well named blog.

  13. Suggestions make it positive and colourful with pics as said above pics speak a 1000 words. Describe what pics you post with catchy punch lines will make a diff.
    Avoid lines like "which did not disappoint me either". Could have been worded like " Then came the Chicken Seekh Kebab and BBQ Chicken which tingled my taste buds. The aroma and taste was just out of the world. Not a writer myself but thats my personal opinion. cheers Romy

  14. U srsly eat a lot wold love to take u out for a lunch...nyways i lovd the bttr chkn der was rlly mouth watering....gud writing by the way was rlly casual try makin it mre intrstn

  15. Tastyplex - Yes thank you for the suggestion, will be uploading photos from the next post onwards. And will surely mention your website in some post.

    Krish Puri - Haha I know right, thank you :)

    Anonymous - Loved your suggestions, will definitely work upon it and do a better job in my next post. Thank you so much :)

    Arfat Islam - Yes I did try the butter chicken, it was fantastic. Yes but I prefer it being casual, because its talking about my personal experience, as far as interesting is concerned, will try my best from next post onwards, thank you :)

  16. tu jitni chhoti hai na..utni hi bhook lagayi hai tuune..pehle pizza..abh yeh..too hungry now...chalti hai?
    well done but!:)

  17. Go to deli drbar wahan ka butter chicken ek bar try karna with garlic naan

  18. Impressive review!
    Would have been better with a summary/rating and more pictures. Also, a background related to food would be more relevant to the motive! :D

  19. Dang - Thank you :)

    Arfat - Shall try it soon, thank you.

    Yash Deshpande - Thank you so much for your suggestions. Have something in mind regarding the rating bit, shall work upon it.
    And thanks for the suggestion regarding the background, will change it soon :)

  20. Go to emrts palace hotel wahan ek amazin sa restrant hai check tht out dnt rem the name

  21. You go girl!!!
    And take me along next time :p

  22. Good review. But you must work on your language and grammar.

  23. I would suggest if you could describe the flavours of the dishes a little more elaborately. Instead of saying things like "chicken was amazing" and "orange pastry was awful" you could use words like spicy, creamy, sweet, cooked to perfection, etc. Also try out the vegetarian stuff just as much as the non vegetarian stuff.

  24. Reallly cool blog! Loved everything you wrote! Well done:)

  25. Would love to read more from you!

  26. Read all your reviews and I must say you write so well !!
    Just Amazing!
    P.S. - You are both smart and beautiful !!

    Your secret admirer ...